DVD Photo Montage

Where to Begin

Determine the purpose of your video album.

  1. What theme, event or person(s) are you spotlighting?
  2. Which package provides the time and number of photos that suit your needs?
  3. What emotion are you trying to evoke?
  4. Are captions necessary for clarity or desired for effect?
  5. What add-ons will you need to complete the video?


Choosing a photograph:

  1. Be sure to choose photos where the subject is close-up and centered.
  2. It is best to put the photos in chronological order or by theme.
  3. Do not crop horizontal pictures vertically, as it will not transfer properly onto a TV screen.
  4. Be sure to send/scan uncut, physically intact photos.
  5. Be sure to remove all photos from frames and scrapbooks.



  1. Whether scanning at home or photo center of choice, be sure the equipment and photos are free of lint, fingerprints and smudges.
  2. Use a resolution of 300 DPI or higher and examine the file before sending to us for clarity and distortion.
  3. Be sure to scan photos in the order in which you wish them to be presented using JPG format on a CD-R. Save each picture with a 3 digit number indicating the order.
  4. Place your photos on disk for each song in a separate envelope, then number the envelope in the correct order for the video.


Sending hard copies:

  1. We will scan your photos for you at a charge of $.50 per photo.
  2. USING A STICKY NOTE ON THE BACK, number each photo in the order in which you wish them to appear. (write in pencil)
  3. Place your photos in an envelope or Zip-Lock bag, labeled by section and song.
  4. All photos will be returned with the shipment of final product.

If you would like your pictures saved to a CD, see add-ons, photo archiving.

Using video clips:

Bring your slide show to life by adding video at $5 per 1 minute clip. We highly recommend shorter clips dispersed throughout the slideshow, as opposed to one very long clip.

  1. Save video clips (up to 1 minute each) onto disc in MPEG format.
  2. Title each clip with the number of the photo in which you want it to appear after. Example: [after .014]
  3. Double check to make sure the disc was recorded correctly.
  4. Send disc, marked “video clips”, with all other media.
  5. If you have questions, PLEASE CALL!!



  1. Consider whether or not captions are necessary for clarity or desired for effect.
  2. To add captions (see package limitations) submit or email the photo number next to the caption on order form, as well as on the numbered sticky note. Example: .048 "Having the time of our lives!"
  4. Shorter quotes/captions work best.



  1. Choose a song(s) that compliments the theme of your video or has special meaning or lyrics.
  2. Based on the length of you video, choose the appropriate number of song selections. (see packages)
  3. Check out our song suggestion list. If you have a favorite song(s) that suits the mood of your slideshow, send us a store bought CD or purchase the music from an on-line music store. (iTunes, Rhapsody, etc…)
  4. Be sure to write song title and artist in preferred order as presented in the video album.
  5. Choose 1 additional “back-up” song to be used in addition or in place of another if needed.


*We can also purchase your music selections on your behalf for $1.00 each.

*Songs will be edited to fit the length of the video, using cross-fade to prevent pauses. If you do not wish for a song to be edited, please specify.

*Music CD’s will be returned with the shipment of the final product.



We have an extensive library of backgrounds to be used when creating unique slideshows. We will make our best effort to choose appropriate design and color choices that will best enhance your album. If you prefer to stick with a default color (solid background), please indicate on the order form.